Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Doubled Tagged, I'm It!

I'm so lucKy...I was doubled tagged to share some fun facts about myself. Danielle and Jessie, 2 of my favorite blogging and SCS buddies tagged me at around the same time, so I'll combine them--I hardly think anyone wants to know 14 facts about me, no matter how fun I make 'em! Here goes!

  1. I'm a lefty and proud of it! The real lefty too--you know, like I'm writing upside down and backwards! I turn a piece of notebook paper almost sideways to handwrite something. It's weird, different and part of who I am; that's why I love it!
  2. I was a band geek for 5 years...till I made the cheerleading squad my freshman year. The two just don't mix! No, not the lovely clarinet or the dainty flute--I played the trumpet, my friends! Much to my parents dismay, I might add.
  3. I'm a Reality TV junkie! I mean, it's really bad! My husband thought I hit a new low with the recent debut of "Paradise Hotel" but he has no idea how much lower I can sink! I also love Intervention, which also boggles his mind. He can't understand why anyone would want to watch such depressing and negative things--DUH! Other peoples misery is my viewing entertainment! That sounds worse than I mean it to, but you know what I mean, right??
  4. I met my DH at Lake Tahoe on the 4th of July and we kissed for the first time that night on the beach during the fireworks show over the Lake...those weren't the only fireworks going on that night, hehe! ..get your mind out of the gutter, we only kissed!
  5. I used to be a gymnast and I even trained 2 weeks in Texas one summer at Bella Corali's camp where I met the Mary Lou Retton, amongst other Olympic champions. It was a very exciting time for me--never made it to the Olympics myself though--just wasn't committed (or talented) enough.

So, do you feel like you know me better now? That was fun, hope it wasn't too boring for you! Now, I want to know some fun facts about some other blogging buddies, so for the following ladies, TAG, you're IT!

Deb Neerman (Simply an outstanding talent! Each an every creation of hers is magnificent! I am truly inspired by this woman and she's got a totally great sense of humor to boot! I just love that, she's so cool!)

Carolina (Such a creative lady! She's is constantly coming up with the most fabulous projects and cards, on her blog and on SCS! She won a spot on Melanie Muenchinger's honorable mention list for her delishious cupcake creation!)

Julia A. (She was my sweet ELF from SCS's Christmas exchange and is an amazing stamper! She was recently asked to teach classes in her area crafting stores! She's awesome!)

Terri Moore (This talented lady created the fabulous clock that won her an honorable mention in Melanie Muenchinger's Just So Hoppy contest!)

Maren (OMGosh! I'm actually going to meet Maren in less than 2 weeks for a big shoebox swap for our area! She is a brand new Design Team Member for Heather Rolin's new stamp company H&M Stamps! Wow, I am so excited to meet her...and a bit nervous that I must make a card that is up to these tremendous standards! She and her blog rocks--nuff said!)


Lee said...

Hi Linsey!!! So glad to get to know you a little better.....but there are only 5 facts!! Being in a band and on a cheerleader squad I just know you've got to have lots more interesting facts to add to the list!! LOL I hate admitting it, but I love Reality tv also......never watched the Paradise shows though!! LOL Oh and thanks for some new, cool blogs to go check out and add to my blog-hopping!!

Julia said...

What great things to learn about you! You're musical and limber - LOL! and a super great stamping talent - you ROCK!

Danielle tagged me too - so check out my blog to see the 7 random facts about me! I won't bore people with more than they really want to know either!

thanks for tagging me though!!


dpkennedy said...

Cool! I love, love, love, the trumpet...I mean, Chris Botti?!! Rick Braun is another fav...thanks for sharing! These are fun to read!

Terri said...

I am glad to know another reality tv junkie. I will watch the bachelor soon. Glad to know it is good so far. Thanks for the tag. I have done this before though. http://terrbear38.blogspot.com/2007/10/lots-of-updates-and-little-fun.html
If you want me to do it again just let me know.

Simonne said...

Wow, Linsey I learned alot about you! You are so awesome. And yes, actually I would like to know 14 things :) I can't wait for our shoebox swap. We're gonna have a ball!

Maren said...

Linsey....you are so sweet! Mary Lou!! WOW! So jealous!! I too love those really BAD reality shows...good thing I don't have cable or I wouldn't ever do anything but watch them! :-) You will have to give me the low down on the latest Intervention when we meet up! I can't wait!
Thanks for the tag...I will happily play tomorrow! :-)

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Too fun Linsey! love getting to know people better. My youngest dd is/was in gymnastics, and I really hoped she would continue. Darn, I really would have liked to meet Mary Lou Retton too!

Jessie/knightrone said...

Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts, we got SCREWED!!!! The way I see it, if you combined the two, and sawed them in half, you owe us two facts!! Hehehehehe
Love the way you met your hubby, so romantic, completely unlike the way I met my hubby!! I totally see you as more the cheerleader then the band geek, but you never know!! Reality TV, well, I am right there with you. Have you seen Rock of Love(2 is on now), it's so horrible, it's addictive!!thanks for sharing, it was nice getting to know you better!!!

Anonymous said...

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