Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teapot Tuesday Challenge #184

Hello friends! Today I'm excited to share a card I made for a SUPER FUN weekly challenge that takes place over at SCS called Teapot Tuesdays! This was started by the fabulously talented Cindy (aka Mothermark) a long time ago and I've just hopped on board the Teapotter's train! Cindy has a new challenge every Tuesday which is based off a different teapot from her extensive collection--even more fun, each teapot challenge tells a story, a wonderfully creative story!--and by the time youre done reading it, you just wanna run to your craft room and start creating! It's so inspiring and this group of lovely ladies are so supportive, sweet and fun!!! I'm thrilled that I've finally became a "teapotter" and if you wanna be one too, just check out this week's challenge and join the fun--all ya gotta do is click on the link below, read the deets, make a project or card and you're IN! This week's Teapot Tuesday Challenge is................
Theme based off the teapot image below
And here is my card for this week's challenge
I don't even remember where I bought the stamp from, but I thought it was a hoot lol. I had never even inked it up and today was the day for it! I dug through my little brother's tackle box that he left at my house while visiting last summer and found a few "fishy" embellishments hehe! :)
A few more perks to joining the teapotter's is that there is an optional "Destination Station" thread which allows you to "tickle a teapotter"--translation: send your card to a special recipiant who could use a lil extra love and Cindy provides all the details and address to send your creations.  I love this option because I make a lot of stuff that ends up piling up in my craft room when I know that somebody out there might really enjoy it! So this helps get my cards into the mailbox and off to brighten someone's day! Another thread titled "Apprecation Station" allows you to post your thank you's and warm fuzzies if you happen to recieve a card from a fellow teapotter! Cool beans!!!
There's also a Birthday Bash list of all "Teapotter's" that you may refer to and send a birthday wish their way! Again, totally optional--no obligations here except to have a blast!!! I hope you will give Teapot Tuesday a go, it's awesome! Thanks for stopping by my creative friends! Hope you have a beautiful day!


Kate said...

Love it. i love the embellishments that you added in your card.


Shar said...

I LOVE this Linsey! :) I'm fond of any fishing themed ideas and this is just perfect! {miss you on the MCT team.}