Monday, October 5, 2015

Expensive Pinecone Wreath Knock-Off

Hello friends and happy Monday! With Fall upon us and all the glory that comes with this beautiful season, I have been inspired by all the pretty fallen pine cones that I see on my daily neighborhood walk with our newest family member, McKenzie Pepper (our adorable and mischievous Beagle pup.) I also love beautiful home décor and all the gorgeous seasonal wreaths I often see, but never buy because of the hefty price tags attached to them. I refer to this hang-up as the "cheap girl with expensive taste syndrome." Perhaps you have it too? If so, here's a super simple way to get all the beauty of those far too pricey seasonal wreaths without breaking your budget and making your hubby's eyes pop out of his head the next time he checks the bank account. ;)
I bought a 12" wire wreath form from Joann's for $2.39 and collected a variety of pine cones from my neighborhood and from nature walks at our local park (that equals free, my favorite price!).  Now, I did buy a brand new heat gun due to the fact that after a lengthy search of my craft room and turning my entire house upside down, my old glue gun was nowhere to be found. It seems to have grown legs and walked away.  I digress, my new heat gun, which cost a whopping total of $8.99 before my 40% Joann discount, is my new favorite thing! It cost less than my old one, but I love it so much more. It's an Ad-Tech 40 watt full-size glue gun with all the awesomeness of an expensive one. Score. And since I saved so much on the glue gun, I went ahead and stocked up on a 50 pack of Ad-Tech Hi Temp Glue Sticks for about $6 more. Double score. Look out people, this girl is packin'! :)
The pine cones and the "Edna" natural crochet lace from RRR adhered beautifully to the wire base and it's worth mentioning that the Ad-Tech glue sticks have a far better bond than my previous glue sticks, which I fail to recall the brand name--but I was always having things come off and having to re-glue them because the old sticks just weren't up to par for my projects. This is my first ever pine cone wreath and I'm pretty happy with the result. The best part: the grand total of making this wreath (minus the glue gun) was approximately $3.00. Yes. I see many more of these in my future.
And a couple close-ups of the inner and outer sides.
See those little glue strands? Did you know a little trick that gets those babies out of every nook and cranny? Just zap the areas with a blow dryer on low heat for a few seconds and all those pesky strands will be nothing but a mere memory! Seriously, it's like magic!
Thank you so much for stopping by today! Always wishing you a creative and blessed day!!


jessica said...

Such an awesome project Linsey! LOVE this idea...have to remember this when I'm cleaning the yard this weekend :)
Super job my friend!

Stampsnob. said...

I saw this lovely wreath this morning I went out a bought a roll of mesh $4.95 and two spiders for $1.00 and made décor for my door have enough left for a second project.........Thank you for the inspiration