Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Swanky Challenge from TCP!

Hello friends and happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one! I feel myself getting back into the swing of all-things-crafty with a quickness and I'm so thankful for it and for YOU--all you wonderfully creative peeps who blog and share your work and challenges and such--it's a great blessing to me who has been completely outta the loop for a good year and a half. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now today, I'm sharing 3 cards I made for the monthly challenge from The Cat's Pajamas, which I was inspired to join because I saw a post from Jessie Rone, who designs for TCP and had offered up her always fabulous inspiration for this challenge. Just visit TCP blog to find out the deets on this challenge and to join in too! The challenge is a great one that helps us utilize all the supplies and scraps from making 1 card, to make 3 cards! In other words, make 1 card, then make 2 more using what's left on your table. Fun huh! And definitely a challenge for me--it forced me to really look at all the scraps and bits of things in front of me that I might otherwise toss or stash away for a later use. It's always better to use it up and turn it into something that will brighten somebody elses day, right? Right! So here's what I came up with--3 Thanksgiving cards down, whoo hoo!


~ Jo ~ said...

Linsey these cards are beautiful! Not bad for creating one card and then the other two from the leftovers! Nice color choice too!

Kate said...

Pretty Cards and Great Designs.

Alma de la Rosa said...

Stunning, Linsey! Love the color combos