Saturday, April 30, 2016

My First Gallery Wall!

Hi friends! Today I'm taking you into my home to have a look at my first ever gallery art wall (eep!) I have been dreaming about doing this for so long....perusing Pinterest for hours and pinning all those gorgeous photos of gallery walls and other eclectic home décor inspiration by folks far more creative than myself.  Then the other day, I saw that Prima is having a Prima Wall Art Contest.
It's about to end and...well, you'd have to know me well to understand this about me, but I actually do things better under pressure and in a time crunch. I also can think about doing something forever, but never actually do it. So without much thought or regard, I decided to go for it and make that gallery wall I'd been wanting to try for so long. And you know what?  I'm SO happy that I did! This was like taking a literal plunge into unknown waters for me and like all new adventures, some unexpected things happened along the way! I just want to give a great big shout out to Prima Marketing for putting on this contest and for being a constant source of inspiration for me! If I didn't already love Prima products so much, I wouldn't have even considered entering, but since I do, it was easier than I thought and I found it to be a quite rewarding process! In fact, I already feel like a winner just because I accomplished something I've been wanting to do for so long! Now without further ado, here's my new Prima-inspired art gallery wall!
I didn't really know where to begin other than a few basic tips I got from Pinterest and  I had a few Prima inspired projects that I knew I wanted to use somewhere on my wall. This was kind of a big deal for me because I'm the type that wishes she could paint her walls beautiful colors and then adorn them with a myriad of gorgeous and interesting art--but instead keeps her walls stark white and throws on one big piece of completely generic art to cover the entire wall and calls it good. Ugh. Yawn. No thank you anymore.
I started with centering the inspirational plaque on the wall and began working around it.  There are only 3 things on the wall that don't have Prima incorporated into them. I enjoyed turning average photo frames into pieces of wall art by simply adding Prima papers, rub-ons and coloring pages to them! I even found a spot for the recent black sand mixed media canvas I made with Prima's Art Extravagance Black Sand Texture Paste. Hooray!  Here are some close-ups of the Prima goodness....
framed coloring page from the new 8x10 watercolor coloring book
6x6" Prima wooden tray painted white with Creating In Faith rub-on by Jamie Dougherty paired with 6x6" black sand mixed media canvas and "dream" wood icon. My hubby thinks I should paint the sides of the rainbow canvas but I kind of like it how it is. Hmm....I'll probably paint it.
Creating In Faith journaling card framed with a bit of washi tape makes for a super easy and lovely piece of wall art!
A vintage metal trinket and wooden butterfly icon layered atop a white crocheted doily on a homemade chicken wire frame.
A vintage photo of my Grandparents on their wedding day paired with a pretty fabric flower and shabby chic metal door sign, along with some papers, fabric and ribbon. A lovely way to be able to see my dear Gramcracker and Papa everyday. :)
 I love these wooden icons! They are really versatile and easy to add to many projects. I glued this wooden flower icon to my homemade cinnamon stick candle holder for added charm.
 A new favorite of mine are the Prima Relic and Artifacts archival cast embellishments! I altered this flaming heart one with shimmer paint and sprays and glued it to the inside of another painted wooden tray. Even better in person. Yum.
Are you still with me? Yippee!! You get a cookie and juice! Lol--this is a very long and photo-heavy post and I'm not done yet! I wanted to showcase another new favorite Prima product of mine, Lanties! This is the Salvage District set and I love them displayed on my tabletop! They operate on 3 AA batteries, so you can put them anywhere! *leaps of joy*
I stained this heart-shaped wooden tray a while ago and added another Creating In Faith rub on to it. I love it.
Lanties are so pretty and SO fun! There are 14 different designs and I see more in my future! :)
Well, that's about it! THANK YOU for visiting me today!! I'd love to hear what you think of my gallery wall and if you are inspired to create your own or if you have a place in your home decorated this way already! And a really big thank you to Prima for challenging me out of my comfort zone! I don't think I've enjoyed my creative time this much in a long while and the final result is a beautiful and unique wall in my home that truly says ME.  I'm so happy. :)
May you have a wonderful, creative and blessed day!


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Joan Smith said...

OMG Linsey your Gallery Wall is Gorgeous WOW!! You definitely have the artistic decorators skill and you didn't even know it. You really and truly came up with so many super outstanding clever and creative ideas. Watch out.....because HGTV is going to come
a knock..knock...knockin at your door......!! YOU so ROCK!!

Stampsnob. said...

WONDERFUL Way to go Linsey...............Lis

Jo Williams Independent Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

WAY TO GO!!!! Your art gallery wall is just absolutely gorgeous Linsey!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
You should definitely break out of your comfort zone more often :)

Rae said...

So pretty! I love all of the colors you have incorporated for your gallery wall.

Miranda Edney said...

Linsey, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your WALL IS AMAIZNG!!!!!!!!!! i love love love it!